Calvary of a Machine

by Rohaina S. Dansal


He chased his dreams like a machine
Empty fuel, ailing engine
A melting steel, deprived of sleeping
A deceiving smile he’s wearing

Battling in war with sole aim
To survive the long day again
Despite the cuts and bruises he gains
The injured mind, the blatant pain

To read and read, his daily grind
Reading books is like human mind
And human minds, they’re hard to decode
But he’s trying, trying to code

On his bed, a witch would invade
A scary foe, he can’t evade
Doubts and trembling, blues kept playing
Alone in the dark, he kept brawling

He’s human with fragile heart
No matter how he falls apart
When the sun appears again in the sky
He sees hope for another try





The Withered Flowers

by Rohaina S. Dansal


This haven, like a sight of spring
A sea of flowers is blossoming
Where few became part of your journey
These few, could also be many

The smiles of these distinct flowers
The way you called them, a heritage
You see them in your daily wonders
And some were now in their old age

You who are engrossed in sprouting
Once in a while, you’re appalling
Unwilling to embrace the truth
That some had withered or lost their youth

Time is best for someone as young as you
Robust in all you want to pursue
But in chasing the road you’ve taken
Some might get missed or forgotten




Rohaina Dansal Rohaina S. Dansal is a twenty-year old student in Mindanao State University Main Campus. She worked with student publications as part of the editorial staff from her past and present schools. Her written works were published in Banwag, Bedlisiw, The Worksheet, and Mindanao Varsitarian. She lives in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte.