Issue 6

A Tale of Preordained Things by Zeny-Linda Saipudin Nandu
A Drastic Change by Sitti Maryam Misah-Amirul
An Ama Reverie Revisited by An-Nurhaiyden Mangelen
Goodbye To That by Hasmeyya Tiboron

Wedding Songs by Abdulhamid Alawi Jr.
Qad’r by Anna Rahma Usman Sarip
Bangka-bangka hi Amah by Sharmida M. Mawan
Blessing in Disguise by Daniel Luna
Our Intertwined Souls by Nelson Dino
C2 sa Malaig by Ayessah Nesreen Pasagi
Bleeding by Almayrah A. Tiburon
Mëpya pën Silán by Razul A. Ariz

Four Poems by Jahara A. Solaiman
Once, I Offered Myself To The Stars by Mirra-Edora Esmael
Conclusion and Other Poems by Aminah Fernando Kunting