to where I belong.


by Mohammad Kalipa


they say that i belong where there is disgrace—
that i’m responsible for rages and flames;
but I’m sure that I was just misplaced.
because to me, i belong in stories and tales.

between peace and war,
fire and water,
doctor or lawyer,
I am neither.

in between spaces of heaven and hell—
I am a maybe in a question of “yes or no?”
a stirring question filled with mysteries to tell—
in the middle is where I stand to grow.

an identity you can hide in the back of the door—
and still, no one knows what i am for.
to where I belong— no one must see.
I belong in the spaces between.


small things


i remember the small things about you always;
the way you laugh when you forget things,
where that birthmark of yours place under your chest
and how you look when you close your eyes.

the small details that made you your ways,
the things you do when you are playing,
when you make fun of me and won’t give it a rest
and where we kept watching the same blue sky.

funny how i remember the details,
but never how i got them—
or how the story exhales
and keeping it like a gem.

like how our stories walks with rails,
society would always condemn;
on how our love would be like fairy tales,
the small things you do— i love to claim.




Mohammad Andi Kalipa, born in Cotabato City, is an Engineering student at Notre Dame University and a Professional Service eligible. He enjoys writing poetry and play online games as a hobby. He’d rather spend his time with words and of his thoughts rather than someone else’s.